Krypton – Boosting your brand

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Krypton is a simple, colorful landing page perfect for new startups and businesses.

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4Krypton – Theme made for startups

Krypton is a blockchain landing page freebie that we had a great pleasure making for you. It features a single page with a few sections to get started. Fresh is based on Bulma framework and it’s easy to use flexbox grid. If you want more similar features to Krypton. Take a closer look to our premium theme Bulkit.


Bulma framework

If you are tired of Bootstrap designs and code, this is the perfect alternative. Bulma is a lightweight and easy to use css framework based on flex box. It’s mobile first grid has proven to be extremely flexible and perfect for mobile devices. On top of that, you have lot of responsive modifiers and mixins natively available.

Gulp Powered

Fresh is powered by Gulpjs, a task runner package that runs in a nodejs environment. Gulp tremendously improves your developing experience by automatically handling some boring tasks every developer has to do. Gulp will automatically compile your sass code to css and add the necessary vendor prefixes on its own.

Modular code

Fresh scss source files structure follows a modular pattern. There a are layout partials (wich are part of core), components partials and exensions partials. You simply import the components you need into your core file.

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